Sky ‘on demand’ services
For those of you with the full Sky channel packages, did you know that you can independently access your channels on up to 2 mobile devices (eg ipad), for free, without having to pay another subscription. This could be useful in a spare room at home or anywhere in UK where there is wireless internet connection.
You can now also schedule sky services/recordings etc remotely and remotely control your sky box with a new free app for smart phones (apple or android).

There is the new Sky anytime+ on demand service where you can download movies/programmes/box sets etc onto skybox to view whenever you want. You need a Sky HD digibox that is connected to your broadband router to use this service. Downloaded programmes are stored to a separate drive on your sky box, so they do not take any more space of your current planner.

Sky HD Distribution Issues
We had many customers recently who have upgraded their sky HD or older Sky+ digiboxes and have then found that other TVs which were previously linked to sky/freeview around the house, no longer work.
This is because the latest generation sky boxes no longer have the aerial RF in/out loop built in. There is a solution to this problem – there is an adapter unit which can still be linked into new sky box to provide same capability as before and you will need to access the installer menu to activate the RF power out.

Picture Issues:
If the sky picture quality (on remotely connected TVs) has recently deteriorated for no obvious reason, then it could well be due to high frequency wireless interference being picked up by connecting cables. Poor quality sky picture signals around the home can be resolved by adjusting the frequency of the analogue RF output or changing the old coax cable to a better quality shielded alternative.

Control of Home Cinema amps with Sky remote controller
A little known fact is that sky controllers can be programmed to operate home cinema amps as well as TVs. For those of you that have sky linked into a home cinema system or listen to TV through separate amp/speakers, then the sky controller can be used as a 2 in 1 controller to operate volume as well as sky channels- therefore saves hassle having to use 2 separate remotes all the time. A small but very convenient improvement to a system. Contact Home Entertainment Direct for programming.

Loss of picture in bad weather
Many customers comment that they have break up of picture during heavy rain or bad weather. This is usually more common for customers who have more than one cable feed from the dish (with either a 4 or 8 way LNB) when using sky+ or multi-room. This is because the satellite signal is weaker when split 4 ways and more susceptible to loss. This can be resolved by installing a slightly larger dish (zone 2) which provides a stronger and more reliable signal. Sky do not provide or promote these dishes but you can have them installed by Home Entertainment Direct. Also be aware of nearby trees that are growing in line of sight between your sat dish and the horizon – they can cut down signal from the satellite, particularly during the summer when laves are fully grown. Raising the height of the dish or cutting back foliage will resolve this issue.

Freesat from a sky dish
If you cancel your sky subscription you can still receive many ‘free to air channels’ through any skybox without a viewing card or subscription. Or you can buy a dedicated Freesat or Freesat+ digibox which will work perfectly OK with the existing dish/cabling. Very convenient if you do not have a working aerial on the property