At Home Entertainment Direct we offer a dedicated whole house AV cabling service during new build or renovation phase.

AV cabling should be properly considered and integrated to the fabric of your home in much the same way as electrics and plumbing to allow installation of TVs and multi-room systems of any type to be added at a later date.

Our complete service includes the following:

  • Initial consultation to discuss your requirements/ aspirations or to just provide advice.  This could range from simple aerial and satellite distribution around the home, to sophisticated multi-room, multi-source music and video distribution.
  • Guidance on selection of either Plasma or LCD/LED TV, projectors, screens and speakers around the home.
  • Guidance on analogue, digital and high definition distribution considerations.
  • Guidance on centrally served audio/video distribution.
  • Guidance on home automation or control.
  • Speaker selection and positioning (in-ceiling, in-wall, on-wall).
  • Digital Aerial and Satellite dish mounting/positioning with discreet cable runs.
  • TV wall mounting options and considerations (including the often overlooked issues such as correct positioning of aerial and electrical sockets).
  • Creation/design of Home Cinema Rooms.
  • Installation of data/telephone networks and Wi-Fi distribution
  • Hidden technology – electric TV lifts, mirror TVs or Art speakers
  • Lighting – design/installation, dimmers, smart sockets, low energy systems
  • full wiring schematics for AV, required by architects/contractors if we are not installing the cabling

From the initial brief, we personally undertake responsibility for all aspects of the installation without sub-contracting services: we will put together a bespoke solution which will meet both the functionality required and your budget.

Consultation :  Design :  First Fix of cabling :  Second Fix of hardware :  Final tuning, calibration  :  Demonstration and Training

We regularly work alongside your existing builders, architects, interior designers and electricians to provide a carefully managed project