With the growing popularity of larger flat screen televisions, the distribution of high definition video content around the home has gained in popularity.

Our HD Multi-Room Video distribution systems enables you to easily share HD source devices (Sky HD, Virgin HD, Blu-ray, Apple TV, CCTV etc) throughout the house with no loss in quality and without boxes or cables on show in each room.

We supply, install and support multisource, multi-zone video distribution systems from all the market leaders such as Wyrestorm, CYP and BluStream AV.

These systems are generally referred to as HD video matrix switches – they enable selection and control of individual AV sources (Sky, DVD etc) from any room, with source equipment centrally located in one place (hub), such as an under stair cupboard or in an AV rack.

HD video distribution requires either HDMI cabling or structured cabling (Cat5/Cat6) to be installed between the central hub and each room. Usually the distance between the hub and the remote TV locations is too far or impractical to run HDMI cabling and therefore distribution is via cCat5/6 cabling and HDMI conversion baluns fitted behind each TV. This system would usually be planned and fitted during a new build or renovation project. However, depending on the house layout/application, external cat5 cabling can also be run discreetly on the outside of a property if internal cabling is not practical.

The latest generation of HD matrix systems (HDBaseT) also provide internet capability, POE (power over Ethernet) and 2 way IR feedback all over a single Cat6 cable, with full 4K and 3D support.

The advantage of video matrix system is that it enables all equipment to be located out of sight in one location, and High Definition images are displayed and controlled on any TV throughout the home. There is no need to have any AV kit on show in TV viewing rooms, especially desirable where TVs are wall mounted.

We also offer service of setting up simple and inexpensive movie servers which can be accessed by any networked ‘Smart TV’, or through Apple TV receivers. We provide assistance for the transfer and storage of DVD/movie collections onto a central storage drive or itunes server.