Do you have a problem and no-one else can help ?….then you should call “Home Entertainment Direct A-Team”

Any AV problem, large or small, simple or complex…. we have so much expertise and experience in this field we WILL be able to FIX it for you.

Typical Examples of some of the various issues we have fixed over the last year:

Poor Wi-Fi signal in upstairs bedrooms or outside patio area ?

Kids are moaning that they can’t get online

Surround sound doesn’t work properly

Poor picture quality for sky TV around house

Sky magic eyes no longer working !

Aerial reception suddenly disappeared or 4G interference

How do I get on-demand TV services ?

HD picture problems

Multi-room audio issues for Sonos and Systemline products

TV tuning issues

TV picture quality issues

Cables are cluttered and need tidying up

Cables need concealing in wall

Sky will not fit or align dish as it is too high

Confused with multiple itunes accounts

PC or iphone memory is full

How to playing music and movies through itunes/Apple TV

Is my TV too heavy for wall mounting ?

Where can I put my set top box or DVD player away from TV ?

The kids are wrecking our TV and AV kit – can you hide it and mount it out the way !

AV Control issues………….

If any of these issues sound familiar or you have something else that needs resolving then please try giving us a call for free advice.