There is a vast and bewildering selection of connection methods available to connect together your TV and AV components.

For instance:
HDMI, DVI, Scart, Component Video, Composite Video, S-Video, Cat5, VGA, RCA, Coax, F-Type, UTP, STP, RJ45, BNC, RS232….

Do you know what they are for ? Do you use them ? Do you need them ? Have you got the right audio and video input/outputs on your monitor or AV source?

Then there are the cables themselves…… cables are an essential and integral part of any audio-visual installation. The quality/length of cable used can have a dramatic effect on picture and sound quality, and reliability – especially for digital/HD situations.

Then there is the transfer or distribution of signals from one place to another…. splitters, distributors, matrix switches, modulators, amplifiers and converters which allow display of any audio/video source to as many displays you could imagine.

And finally there are the formats:
Following the arrival of digital and high definition TV we now have a whole new range of wording and formats to confuse you further:
Analogue, digital, HD, HD Ready, Full HD, UHD, 4K, 3D, 576,720 or 1080 interlaced (i), progressive (P), deep colour, 16 bit, standard speed, high speed with Ethernet, Audio Return Channel (ARC), data rate, V1.4a,b, 2.0

Not a problem…
we will provide a solution and sensible advice on selecting the right choice and grade of cable for use as part of any analogue, digital or HD installation.
For optimum performance, picture and sound we highly recommend that you upgrade from the basic cheap/freebie cables that may be supplied with your new TV or DVD etc. For HD installations, the type of cable used generally becomes more critical after 3M cable length
In our opinion a superior improvement in picture, sound and reliability can be produced by considering the following important specifications:
99.99% oxygen free copper conductors
gold plated connections
triple shielding
test centre certified for data rates/speed
secure fit/connection of cable head in socket without strain on cable
At Home Entertainment Direct we supply the latest digital and high definition compatible with the next generation range of TVs, DVD players and Digiboxes. We supply all types of any length, to allow convenient positioning of your TV or projector as near or as far away as you want from your AV source (DVD player/digibox etc).