In the past, home networking simply meant the connection of a local PC to the internet via a router and a slow dial up service provider. Over the last few years there has been a dramatic the increase in access to high speed broadband services and the development of wireless technology. This has led to an increase in internet browsing, use of online services and networking of PC and peripherals around the home.

Our customers now want to network to a whole host of digital devices including PC/laptops, printers, Smart Phones, Smart TVs, PVRs, Games Consoles, DVD players, Home Security, and network storage devices.

All the latest TVs are ‘internet ready’ with the ability to access many online services, TV channels, pay per view movies, web content, and popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Home networks can be set up to allow easy access of data from any computer/TV around the house and access to/streaming of high quality music services with popular products such as Sonos and Napster.

There are a range of products and processes to assist networking, which can be incorporated as a retro fit option or as part of cabling of a new house/renovation:

-Installation of latest wireless N-routers, wireless Access Points / Repeaters
-Installation of ‘plug in’ Ethernet over Powerline products
-Installation of ‘hardwired’ structured cabling (Cat5e/6), with broadband sockets
-Installation of Network switches, multiple access points

At Home Entertainment Direct we can advise, design, and install a range of ‘networking’ solutions for all of your requirements incorporating a range of technology. We provide Integration and configuration of networkable products and TVs along with media servers and storage devices

Data Storage:
Demands for data storage are increasing due to the ever expanding size/quality of digital photos and downloads of music/movies for playback around the home.

A large, reliable and secure data storage facility is essential to prevent over loading or slowing down a local PC. Network attached storage (NAS drives) offer an ideal cost effective solution providing many terabytes of storage capacity that can be expanded, accessed and shared directly by all PCs/laptops within the home network as well as remote access from outside the home. This provides additional advantage of backing up sensitive data should there be a fault, damage or loss of PC/laptop. There are also options for online backup facilities as an additional secure ‘off-site’ storage solution.

With the installation of a network and storage facility it is also important to provide adequate security to prevent third party access. We therefore provide latest security/firewall/anti-virus software for protection of all of your data and safeguarding your network from attack.