With many more people working from home it is a good time to review and upgrade your home network/internet with respect to speed, coverage and reliability.
This can be achieved in a number of ways
1. Router:
Ensure you have the latest technology/version router form your Internet service provider (ISP), such as BT, Virgin or Sky. The more up to date routers can provide faster speeds and better wifi coverage. They are often free !
The router position is also very important – it should not be tucked away low down in a corner of the room or hidden in a cupboard or behind a TV !! This will impact the wi-fi coverage range.
For ASDL lines, the router should also be plugged into the master BT socket not an extension point, for better speeds and reliability.

2. Data Points:
Equipment (such as laptop/PC) or Sky/Virgin Digibox etc, will always receive a much more reliable internet connection when hard wired to router as it will be less prone to interference and drop-outs.
This can be achieved by connecting the device directly to socket on back of router with a RJ45 patch lead. These leads come in various lengths if the device is not close to router. Alternatively, a data cable (structured cabling) can be installed between router and the room/position in which device(s) are located. These cables can be terminated neatly into a wallplate data socket.
Power over ethernet sockets are alternative solutions if new cabling is not practical – however they will never be as good as an ethernet cable.

3. Wi-Fi Access Points:
We recommend professional grade Wi-Fi Access Points which are hard wired back to the router for best results. These type of devices are so much better than ‘plug in and play’ repeaters, extenders or powerline wi-fi products.
Our Wi-Fi Access points provide up to 300mbps speeds and excellent coverage across whole houses/commercial premises/outdoor, no matter how large. They can be powered remotely (POE) and can be wall/ceiling or socket mounted. They can even be installed discreetly in lofts to cover whole of upstairs levels and even outdoors to provide wi-fi in the garden/patio.
The access points can be set-up as one unified SSID/password matching the router to provide seamless wi-fi connection for any smart phone/tablet.
We can also create a convenient single Wi-Fi network name and password of your choice.

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