What is Sonos ?

Sonos is primarily a music streaming product that plays tunes stored on your home network, PC/Mac, itunes, or content streamed from an internet service provider such as Napster/Rhapsody or Spotify. Sonos consists of a small amplifier that can be installed into single or multiple rooms and connected to speakers. The system is then controlled with an app installed onto your existing apple/android smart phone/PDA for a simple and easy to use control interface.

Home Entertainment Direct are authorised and experienced installers of this award winning audio system. We believe that Sonos offers one of the most flexible and easy to use multi-room audio systems on the market.

Sonos multi-room can be linked to discreet in-ceiling speakers that we offer or with wall or floor mounted speakers. We can also integrate Sonos with Hi-Fi and home cinema installations and set-up the system to play music and other audio sources including TV, satellite and DVD around the house. We provide additional services for setting up integrated and simple wired/wireless networks to store, organise, index and distribute your entire music collection.

As part of our installation service, we provide full demonstration and training so that anyone can use the system.

We install all the latest Sonos products including the Sonos PlaybarTM (which is a high performance TV sound bar) as well as wireless Sonos Speakers and Sub-woofers which can be linked up to create a truly ‘wireless’ home cinema system.