Wi-Fi Problems in hertfordshire resolved

If you experience poor wi-fi coverage or performance in your home in hertfordshire, then we can help.  In an increasingly wireless world, it is more important than ever to get a reliable and robust signal throughout your home. Our managed unified Wi-Fi system delivers fast, reliable Wi-Fi connections via self-powered access points to all of your smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs.


  • Reduced Wi Fi interference
  • Constantly measures and adjusts for optimal signal quality
  • Robust & reliable Wi Fi to every corner of house (and garden)
  • One unified network with single SSID / password and advanced security
  • Zero handoff and seamless roaming between access points
  • Speeds over 300 Mbps, high bandwidth, supporting over 100 users simultaneously

Using discreet wireless access points which are connected back to your router, we will provide a network system that will provide you with an internet service that’s as reliable as it is fast, ensuring you can be online whenever and wherever you need.