Guide to Home Networking: Convergence of AV and IT

May 29th, 2011|

In the past, home networking simply meant the connection of a local PC to the internet via a router and a slow dial up service provider. Over the last few years there has been a dramatic the increase in access to high speed broadband services and the development of wireless technology. This has led to [...]

TV above fireplace Installation

May 20th, 2010|

There is a common misconception that Plasma/LCD TVs cannot be placed above fireplaces or wall mounted onto chimney breasts. However, when choosing an installation service from Home Entertainment Direct, you can be assured that we have a wealth of experience and expertise mounting TVs above fires. We can advise on height, structural and heat considerations, [...]

Guide to: Plasma vs LCD TV?

April 2nd, 2007|

One of the most frequent questions customers ask is ‘what’s the difference between plasma and LCD TV ? ...which one is best?’ What’s the difference? Plasma and LCD Television panels represent two different technologies for producing a picture. A plasma screen is basically made up of two panels of glass with an inert gas sealed [...]