Guide to Sky Q

March 9th, 2016|

Our Guide to Sky Q Sky Q is the latest product to be released from Sky, and the most significant development since Sky+ was introduced many years ago. It essentially allows you to watch Sky TV all around your house. It’s designed to make it easier for families to watch what they want, where they [...]

Guide to LED Lighting

October 10th, 2015|

LED stands for "light emitting diode." A diode is an electrical component with two terminals which conduct the electricity only in one direction. With an electrical current, the diode emits a bright light around the small bulb LED’s are more efficient than both incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lighting because they emit light in a targeted direction, [...]

Guide to Dolby Atmos

September 25th, 2015|

What is Dolby Atmos ? Dolby Atmos is the new groundbreaking development in surround sound for home and public cinema's. This new format has been created after years of research into how humans actually preceive and process sound. This is much more than just a minor improvement - it is the most exiting new development [...]

Guide to Internet TV

June 4th, 2015|

This months blog is going to focus on Internet TV and services. In 2015 much of the latest technology has focused on supporting 4K image resolution (and beyond), although there is still a lack of content out there at the moment. TVs we have installed over last year have definitely grown bigger, and the 4K [...]

Guide to Home Cinema Projectors

March 5th, 2015|

Home Cinema Projectors and Installation Over the last few years home cinema projector technology has evolved tremendously with huge improvements in picture quality, contrast, colour and brightness levels. The arrival of full high definition has really made projection come into its own. Full HD images on a 42” TV look great but on a 9ft [...]

Guide to Home Cinema and Projector Screens

March 4th, 2015|

A home cinema system will generally consist of the following main components:- • A Display - either a large wall mounted TV or a Cinema Screen • A Speaker system typically consisting of 5 to 9 speakers and a sub woofer • An AV Amplifier/Processor • A Source – eg. Blu Ray Player, Sky/Virgin/Freeview, USB [...]

Guide to Curved TVs

October 4th, 2014|

Curved TVs –whats the point ? All the big TV manufacturers are producing concave TV screen versions of their UHD models... are these the future or just short-lived gimmick from manufacturers attempt to show how clever they can be ! The arguments in favour of Curved TVs... 1. They improve immersion This is the biggest [...]

Guide to: Cables, Connectors and Formats

January 29th, 2014|

There is a vast and bewildering selection of connection methods available to connect together your TV and AV components. For instance: HDMI, DVI, Scart, Component Video, Composite Video, S-Video, Cat5, VGA, RCA, Coax, F-Type, UTP, STP, RJ45, BNC, RS232…. Do you know what they are for ? Do you use them ? Do you need [...]

Guide to Sky Services: Tips and advice

December 29th, 2013|

Sky ‘on demand’ services For those of you with the full Sky channel packages, did you know that you can independently access your channels on up to 2 mobile devices (eg ipad), for free, without having to pay another subscription. This could be useful in a spare room at home or anywhere in UK where [...]

Guide to flatscreen TV developments 2013

October 30th, 2013|

Latest developments in flatscreen TV - October 2013 Size: There's definitely a trend in TVs getting BIGGER. We have been installing many more 50- 55" TVs recently, as opposed to 42" being the average size over last few years. Although screen sizes are larger, these TVs still look relatively modest when mounted on living room [...]